Poolside restaurant & sharing bar

In 2018, the restaurant and bar “Le Ficus” opened its doors. Set in the heart of the park, this is the perfect place for sharing, exuding all the charm of those large summer gatherings. It sets the stage for lively reunions and invites you to really savour the present moment.

Here, lunch is enjoyed Mediterranean style, and you take pleasure in tasting a touch of everything. Your plate, composed of items from sharing dishes, will display a spectrum of assorted colours.
Reflecting the lively conversations of these summer get-togethers, the cuisine is diverse, light, local, precious and of course, delicious.

Under the century-old Ficus trees shading this truly magical park, “Le Ficus” offers an optimal setting and cuisine for moments of sharing with spectacular sea views.


Our summer restaurant "le Ficus" is pleased to welcome you at lunch until october 16th 2022.

Closing of the hotel from November 1st 2022 to April 27th 2023.