The Cape

An invitation to escape

Refinement and finesse

This is the main mansion building, built originally in 1899, but extensively renovated and modernised in 2003. It offers accommodation on four floors, ranging from two penthouse suites on the upper two floors with spacious private terraces, to de luxe double rooms on the lower floors. The larger suites can be broken up into separate rooms, sharing a private lounge.

One of the two largest suites at Cap Estel. Its magnificent bathroom/walk-in closet is a delicate homage to luxury and beauty.

With its terrace giving right onto the park, its study and immense lounge, suite 120 offers the soothing atmosphere of a private villa.

The most original of the suites at Cap Estel. Vast proportions, subtle appointments, a splendid terrace, a mezzanine bedroom… Suite 210 has many surprises in store.

Suite 310 probably has one of the loveliest terraces on the Côte d’Azur : totalling 500 m2, it faces East and West, giving a 180° view of the scenery.

Facing due South on the top floor of Cap Estel, suite 410 overlooks the Cape and the sea. It has a study which can be converted into an extra bedroom and an amazing “bath-lounge” with private terrace.